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15 Apr

From Toddler To Kindergartener; What Needs To Be Done Once Your Baby Starts Growing?

Posted in Small Business Services on 15.04.18

Whether you take child care books, or friendly advice from the elders of your family, most people only have tips and suggestions for you until your child is a kindergartener. This is because they assume you’ll be able to learn as you go from here. If this is not your style, and you are feeling a little lost, here are a few suggestions to get you started…

Get rid of the infant furniture

Every household with new babies have these kinds of furniture. It can be diaper or milk stations, infant cots, rocking chairs of the nursery, high/feeding chairs and even baby swings or customized baby mobiles. Get rid of all of these, as your child no longer requires them. If you’ve developed an attachment to these, or if you’re simply saving it for your next child, make sure to store it with the right protection so it will withstand time. Remember that if your home doesn’t have a lot of spare space to stash these away, you can always hire units from local storage facilities.

Make more space for your child

Remember when your child first started crawling around and exploring? The first few days you might have been just in awe; and the next few, we’re sure you were scrambling around looking for potentially dangerous things that they may knock over or hurt themselves with. Corner guards and child gates are pretty much the result of these. Along with moving the baby furniture to self storage solutions, it’s also time that these came off. Your child is now at the age where they need space to explore themselves and their limits. Make sure you give them that.

Start looking for smart toys and books they’ll soon be able to read by themselves

Shopping for toys for your infant would have been a favorite thing to do; particularly because it doesn’t take much to get their attention or please them. However, now that your baby is growing, you need to find toys that will aid with their cognitive development. This is basically toys that will help them get their imagination running and hone their thinking skills. Even simple toys like building blocks do just this.

Enjoy the growth spur and the developments

Above all, learn to relax and take each day as it comes. Your child is growing and learning each day. Enjoy that. Learn with him how to adopt to each new skill he learns. Watch as he explores and finds himself; be there when he makes those “important” discoveries. He’s going to be all grown up even before you’ll realize, so enjoy this transformation while it’s happening.

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